The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja
The Green Ninja

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chapter 9: Sworn to protect/
Kai's POV~
I was about to eat when Lloyd yelled "OF COURSE!!!!!" I nearly Jumped out of my seat and I asked "What?!" and he answered "I finally figured out where I saw Eliza before!!!" he yelled. "Uh........... what?" Cole asked. Lloyd continued like he didn't notice "She had on the same outfit and had her hair like that" he said pointing to her hair. "Oh Yeah!" Eliza said. "before Sensei found you guys, he showed me two prophecies: one about a green ninja, and one about a girl. A purple ninja, the ninja of water, wind, and lightning. She is sworn to protect the green ninja. now I know that she is me!" We all stared in shock at her.
Cole's POV~
Wow! I did not see this coming! My friend Eliza was sworn to protect my friend Lloyd! Wait, that means... SHE'S GONNA LIVE WITH US!!! This could be my ultimate chance to hang out with her! YES! "does that mean we have another girl on-" Jay said before being cut off by Kai. "yes" "and she is-" "Yes" "and that means-" "YES!" Kai yelled. He was getting annoyed. We were all getting annoyed. " well we better get some sleep! Eliza you can sleep in my room. I have two bunk beds in there in case theres company." Nya said. "ok see ya boys." Eliza said. "see ya!" we all said. I don't like it when we talk in unison. It creeps me out. unlike Jay I do a good job at hiding my love for Eliza. "I'm gonna go to bed too." I said. "they all agreed and we went to bed. "oh I almost forgot!" Jay exclaimed as I was drifting off to sleep. "What!" Kai said. Impatient as always. "I forgot to color in the calender! Lets see it's the 19th so... oh look! 4 days until Christmas!" Jay said. "yeah that's great now would you please go to bed?!?!" Kai exclaimed. Jay just stuck his tounge out. "hot head" he said under his breath.

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