The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja
The Green Ninja

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chapter 3: Sibblings unite
Eliza's POV~
"Yeah my brother, Jay, I came to see him again." I said. How could they not know that Jay had a sister? How could he not talk about me? Oh he's gonna get it!
Zane's POV~
Jay had a sister? He never said anything about a sister! I ran through my data base and he never talked about her.
Wow! My friend Eliza was related to my partner Jay! wow!
(time skip cause I'm lazy lol)
When we got to the bounty Jay froze when he saw Eliza. I couldn't help but laugh. "Jay? meet Eliza." I said between laughs. "your sister! and my friend from well, as long as I can remember!"
Jays POV~
I tried to say something but the words wouldn't come out! It felt like the time Cole made me lose my voice! Then Kai walked in
Kai's POV~
"Ummmmm..." is all I could say.

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