The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja
The Green Ninja

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter 10: Him again?
Nya's POV~
Cool! Another girl on the Bounty! FINALLY!!! just then Jay said "I hav an anouncement too!" "OO do tell" I said. I love his anouncements! "The snakes told me their whole plan before they knocked me out!" he said with a grin. "Lets talk about this in the bridge!" I said. They nodded and we went into the bridge.
(time skip cause I'm lazy lol)
"Wow! so the snakes were gonna use Jay for bait and then capture Lloyd, release Jay, and lure Lord Garmadon into a trap so the snakes could rule Ninjago! How complicated is that!" I said. I laughed and the others did too.
Pythor's POV~ (probobly the only time but idk)
Blast those ninja! I know I shoudn't have awakend the Divouerer but still! I should have stuck to the plan instead of capturing all of them! I hate ninja.
Cole's POV~
I hate snakes. (did you see what I just did there? cool huh! oh and author's notes will be in bold just so u know) Well now that pythor's back I should make a plan... looks like I'll be up all night.

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