The Green Ninja

The Green Ninja
The Green Ninja

Friday, October 12, 2012

chapter 6: Why?
Jay's POV~
Why does she always have to embarrass me like that? She's just like mom and dad! "What?" she said. "Quit embarrassing me like that!" I said. "Wait you almost never talk about me?" Cole said with an angry look."ummmmm..." I said. I started to run but Eliza grabed my ninja suit and let Cole slap me in the face. Then just for kicks she threw me out the window.
Cole's POV~
Wow she is strong! I heard a crash but Jay didn't scream! I saw the others noticed that to. We ran outside only to see a pile of glass and no Jay! "Jay?" Eliza said "This better not be a prank!" she yelled with tears in her eyes. Then I saw snake tracks that were bigger than Skales and all the other generals and I knew... PYTHOR!

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